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  • You get the Full-length "Ole" album, over 57 minutes of uniquely soothing music you can instantly download and/or stream to escape into a world of beautiful musical relaxation whenever you please. ($20 Value)
  • You get the Full-length "Wai" album, another 53 minutes of the most relaxing guitar music to envelope you in a warm bath of sound. ($20 Value)
  • You get the collector's album "Guitar Inside the Covers" a rare masterpiece EXCLUSIVELY available here. On this album Jason plays magical instrumental renditions of of iconic songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Dave Brubeck, The Eagles, The Band, Duke Ellington,and Django Rheinhardt on the classical guitar. ($17 Value)
  • You get the fascinating ebook "Messages in Water Picture Book" where you can see the results of Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments with words, water and music and how they effect us. Good vibes are important! ($27 Value)
  • You get the ebook "An Introduction to Ho'oponopono" where you'll learn some of the history, techniques, and practices of this beautiful ancient healing art from the Hawaiian Islands that was the inspiration for "Ole". This priceless information alone could infinitely help you achieve new levels of peace and happiness in your life! Get it exclusively here. ($17 Value)
      • All delivered to you INSTANTLY giving you the choice to listen via download (the music is now yours!) or simply & easily STREAM your new music to your mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad etc) for tranquil listening ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!
      • If you prefer to listen to music "old school"' and would like to receive a physical product in the mail; you can Get All Three Albums on CD ("Wai'', "Ole", and "Guitar Inside the Covers") in addition to your instant dowload/streaming copies so you can listen right now for only $12 FREE SHIPPING! (3 Full-Length CDs Wow!)

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      Jason Eastwood - Guitarist/Composer 

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